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Great for all ages and events of all kinds,  Circus Fungus’ storytelling and puppet shows are second to none! 





Explore a hundred tales filled with magic and more as Andrea Zimmer and Marya Gadison  excite and inspire you with a variety of enchanting stories from around the world. 

From breathtaking 8-foot rainbow herons flying overhead to intricate shadow puppet dancing across the stage, this dynamic duo uses a magical mix of innovative puppets, props, and storytelling to create a variety of colorful and whimsical shows that bring stories to life.  An exceptional artistic feast for the eyes and imagination, their fabulous and quirky characters abound, taking you on a interactive journey that you won’t soon forget.

Once upon a time… puppet wizardry at its best!

Stories to laugh, learn, and grow!

Popular interactive storyteller, Marya Gadison has been firing the imaginations of audiences around the Lower Mainland for over eight years. Sharing her magical folktales and stories with thousands of children, she entertains and inspires her listeners with tales from around the world. 

Parent comments from Saturday Storytime with Marya & Max at Lougheed Mall:


 “The stories are the best thing about this event.”

“Marya is a great storyteller. The kids love it!”

“Marya is a fantastic storyteller. Kitchener School had the great pleasure of having her do storytelling at the school. Thanks for a great program. My kids really enjoy the time.“ 

Shows include:

Jasper’s Big Dream:  A hilarious and thoughtful look at what is the perfect dream. Jasper has a problem.  He has to figure out his perfect dream and fast.  Setting out on a journey, he discovers though the many characters he meets the secret to dreaming and making them come true. Created and inspired by research collected by the City of Burnaby’s Success by Six initiative.

Halloween Spooktakular:  Hold on to your trick or treats, folks!  Mort the Monster and Grizzelda the Witch retell spooky stories from around the world in this fun, not-too-scary show that is sure to have you laughing and howling like a werewolf under a full moon.

The Dream Eater:  In this original tale, we discover how one little girl can  save her village from the insatiable appetite of a evil witch who likes to eat other people ‘s dreams for lunch?

Fire Dogs & Other Stories of the Moon:  Using shadow puppets and Bunraku puppetry, Andrea and Marya present a beautiful and ethereal retelling of some of the world’s best stories about the moon and stars.

Special Programs for Schools & Libraries

Circus Fungus loves to introduce children to the magic of the performing arts!

Upon request, performers can conduct a Q & A about the show. Puppeteers can also share some of the techniques used to create and build the show, and demonstrate how to create character on stage through movement and voice, and teachers will be given instruction sheets for making puppets out of recyclable materials.

By conducting educational workshops following performances, Circus Fungus can help educators to:

· Stimulate creativity and imagination.

· Introduce children to folk tales, myths, and legends.

· Foster understanding and encourage exploration of stories from other cultures. 

· Build their student’s confidence as performers and inspire children to dream.

Marya and Andrea entertain the kids from Canuck Place the story of the Gunniwolf at the Vancouver Canuck ‘s Scary Skate at GM Place.

For more information, please call 604-505-OUCH or email circusfungus@shaw.ca

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Since 2003, Circus Fungus’ Marya has been the featured storyteller for Burnaby’s children’s outreach literacy program, Saturday Storytime with Marya & Max at Lougheed Mall.