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Special Skills & Services

Event ConsultingCircus Fungus’ is happy to work with you to bring visibility and flare to your event.


Using our experience and knowledge of public spectacle and showmanship, we will help you to develop ideas for your event, integrate performers into your themes, create and use striking imagery, provide performer support services, and assist you in strategizing how best to engage your guests or your community.


We are also available to help design hands-on arts workshops for your group.


Interactive Performance:  Make your event stand out with some of Circus Fungus’ colourful stilters, costumed characters and performers as they mingle, interact, dance, and amaze your guests! Circus Fungus’ artists specialize in interactive performances and engaging audiences of all ages.


Parades& Processions:  Add some delight and flights of fancy your next your school or community event, fair, festival, wedding, commemoration or celebration with fantastical stilt walking and costumed characters procession that everyone can be a part of.


Lantern Processions: Fiat Lux!  Let there be light at your next event!  A lantern procession is a sure fire way to surprise your guests and make the evening special.


Giant Lanterns: Book our magical 27-foot glowing dragon for your next evening event.  Can be carried in a procession or set up at a stationary site.  Coming soon: Giant Goddesses of the Sun & Moon.


Face Painting for All Ages & Occasions: Make your guests smile as our talented artists skillfully turn your guests into princesses, tigers, butterflies, pirates and more!        


Circus Fungus Workshops: Circus Fungus offers an array of workshops for all ages and abilities. Learn from the artists and performers themselves. Including:


· Hooping

· Lantern Making

· Puppetry & Puppet Building

· Fire and Non-Fire Poi Spinning for Kids and Adults

· Face Painting

· Storytelling Workshops


Costume Design, Set Décor, & Prop Building: 

Need help with your production or event?  Our artists have designed countless costumes, sets and props.

For more information, please call 604-505-OUCH or email circusfungus@shaw.ca

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