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Current Circus Fungus Shows

Circus Fungus offers solo and group performances for a variety of corporate functions, community events, film, etc.   More information and images coming soon!


Live Theatre:


Fairies on Mushrooms present Circus FungusThe show that started it all!  Run away and join the circus with the irrepressible Fairies on Mushrooms, Poppy Pepperpot and Razzleberry Blue,  as they present the hilarious Circus Fungus!  As seen at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival,  Illuminaires, and Burnaby’s Night of 2000 lights, this fun-filled, chaotic romp is filled with creative, death defying acts (well, maybe not exactly death defying, but definitely creative), dangerous creatures, and laughter galore!   You’ve got to see it to believe it!


Sugar Punk Fairies:  Tired of boring, sweetness and light, sugar-coated fairies, well this one-of-a-kind improve-based show (complete with neck rub) will put the “GRRRR” back into your sugar. A distinctly different take on wish making, be prepared for energetic anarchy and hilarious hijinks as the Sugar Punk Fairies provide one-on-one wish granting services at your next party.  Can’t think of a good wish?  Don’t worry!  They’ll think of one for you!  Be afraid!


Fortune Telling with the Mysterious Madame X:  Who knows what the future will bring? Madame X does!  For she has a special gift and for a small ’consideration’ (wink, wink), she may share the secrets of the future with you, too. Have a special question about fortune, fame, or true love?  Through the ancient art of palmistry, tarot, and crystal gazing, Madame X can read signs and reveal all. This fabulous and fun mystic is always popular at any event! Please note this is for entertainment purposes only.



Puppetry & Storytelling:


Jasper’s Big Dream:  A hilarious and thoughtful look at what is the perfect dream. Jasper has a problem.  He has to figure out his perfect dream and fast.  Setting out on a journey, he discovers though the many characters he meets the secret to dreaming and making them come true. Created and inspired by research collected by the City of Burnaby’s Success by Six initiative. 

Halloween Spooktakular:  Hold on to your trick or treats, folks!  Mort the Monster and Grizelda the story witch retell spooky tales from around the world in this fun, not-too-scary show that is sure to have you laughing and howling like a werewolf under a full moon. (Puppet Theatre)

The Dream Eater:  In this original tale, we discover how one little girl can  save her village from the insatiable appetite of a evil witch who likes to eat other people ‘s dreams for lunch?  (Puppet Theatre)

Fire Dogs & Other Stories of the Moon:  Using shadow puppets and Bunraku puppetry, Circus Fungus presents a beautiful and ethereal retelling of some of the world’s best stories about the moon and stars.  (Puppet Theatre)

Fire Arts:

Fire By the Sea:  A spectacular 15-minute fire arts presentation, originally presented at West Vancouver’s Harmony Arts Festival.


Circus Fungus Featured Artists


Marya Gadison: Marya has been entertaining thousands of audiences throughout the Lower Mainland with her special brand of humour and showmanship. From costumed characters and storytelling to puppet building and fire performing,  she is a exceptional and passionate artist and performer who delights in sharing her talents with a broad range of audiences and introducing people to the performing arts. 


Creator of such memorable characters as The Great Canadian Goose Girl (aka. The Canadian Mother Goose), Fairies on Mushrooms, and a plethora of mystical creatures and ethereal goddesses, she has performed at countless public and corporate events.


Currently, she is the featured storyteller at the City of Burnaby’s Saturday Storytime with Marya & Max at Lougheed Mall. As an artist, Marya has worked with many of Vancouver’s best known festivals and theatre companies, including the Word on the Street, Surrey’s Children’s Festival, Public Dreams Society, and Mortal Coil Performance Society.  


When she is not performing, creating stories and costumes, or learning a new trick or two, she can be found and coordinating the Vancouver Folk Music Festival’s Lantern Committee.


Andrea Zimmer:  Known for her fantastic and unique creations, Andrea’s unique style has been enjoyed by hundreds of families from Vancouver to Taiwan. A graduate of the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, she has been a builder and performer for theatre companies in Canada and the US including, Ocean Encounters, Mortal Coil Performance Society, and Public Dreams Society. Andrea was a "puppet wrangler" on the CBC’s children's program Scoop and Doozie, and a puppeteer for Kids on the Block, an international awareness program that uses to teach kids what it's like to have a disability or difference.


Andrea's favorite venues have included performing the playful "Fairies on Mushrooms' Circus Fungus" at the Vancouver International Children's Festival , and a Punch and Judy puppet show at the Burning Man Festival. In addition to her work with Circus Fungus, Andrea is currently working several activity books for children and using her massive collection of old rusty things to create an epic storybook.


Roy Schindell:  Roy is the unflappable rock of Circus Fungus.  A popular performer and stilter, he has appeared events across the Lower Mainland as the amazing wizard, Master Stumberlour, and Canada’s only charismatic 9-foot Mountie, Sergeant Stilton. When he is under 9 feet tall, he is the official Manager of Circus Fungus Productions and Marya Gadison Productions as well as the Lead Fire Safety Technician for the CinderBellas.


The CinderBellas are a team of dynamic gals with a passion and flair for fire. Combining the skills of fire manipulation and theatrical dance with a talent for the dramatic (and a healthy dose of fun), they have been entertaining crowds at events throughout the Lower Mainland, including North Vancouver’s Run For Life, Vancouver Museum’s “All Fired Up" fundraiser, the Harmony Arts Festival, and Vancouver’s Winter Solstice.  Featuring the talents of Cyndi, Emily, Heather and Marya Gadison.



More performer bios coming soon!

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